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36 States + FCT 100,000 women & youths StartUp equipment for 2,700 finalist

What is SkillUpWeek Ng all about?

Youth Empowerment starts when an individual is skilled on how to proffer solutions to human/community problems. "Train and Empower a woman and you have trained a community".

The rate of unemployment and poverty are increasing geometrically and the way out are self employment and skill empowerment to be able to offer solutions and create value in exchange for a better living condition. Vocational Skills creates specialisation and skill mastery in addition to White collar professions.

SkillUpWeeks Ng v3.0 is the third editions taking place nationwide. An Initiative of Arewa Technology Hub & Young Support Foundation a Non Governmental Organization with Reg no: UNReg/TWT/1690 under United Nation.

Our Focus is on Skilling up one (1) million Nigerians (underserved, unskilled women and youth) by the year 2030, to be self reliant and empowered to create applicable solutions to some of the most facing challenges in the country: skill-gap (SDG 8), poverty (SDG 1), lack of quality education (SDG 4), lack of solution driven enterprises (SDG 11), lack women particitipatory role in economy building (SDG 5)

Why Participate?

By the end of the five weeks program beneficiairies (underserved, unskilled, disabled women and youth) would have already acquired knowledge of running a business with a vocational skill, norture it, got the basis and afterwards continue with the implementation and also have access to our partners who will mentor them to become professionals, guide them on how to seek for more startup funds from international and national investment institutions.

We are set to achieve four missions: (A) To skill 100,000 beneficiairies in entrepreneurship soft skill and twenty-four thousand (24,000) beneficiaries to learn thirteen (13) different professional, practical and sustainable vocational skills (B) Platform for sponsors to provide Empowerment pack (Startup Capital, Startup equipment, CAC registration processing and other Start up kits) for two thousand and four hundred (2400) finalist who will be pitching at the Grand Zonal Pitching competition, where two hundred and forty (240) emerge as winners nationwide (C) Expose Professional Vocational Training Centers to national and international opportunities (its a skills fair) (D) Provide a Skillshare platform for beneficiaries to network, advertise and mentor upcoming generation afterward.


The SkillUpWeeks v3.0 starts with two weeks online entrepreneurship soft skills training for all participants from 31st Jan 2022 and ends on 11th Feb 2022.One hundred thousand beneficiairies (100,000)

Participants will undergo real time hands on practical training according to their selected/registered skill of interest. By the end of the training each skill class will collaborate as a team to build and pitch a solution as a case study to be presented at the Zonal Grand Finale/Exhibition Day.

15th Oct - 30th Jan 2022
15th Nov - 30th Jan 2022
Issuing of Admission letter
31st Jan - 11th Feb 2022
Entrepreneurship Softskill training
28th Feb - 6th May 2022
Hands-on practical vocational training
25th Jul - 2nd Sept 2022
Zonal Bootcamp
29th July,5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, Aug 2022
Grand finale
Exhibition and Award Days

Full Registration procedure

Participants/Beneficiaries register online via this website, LOG IN to your dashboard and download admission letter to access STAGE 1 of the project
Those that successfully made it to STAGE 2 will be notified via Sms/email to download Acceptance Letter, attached with payment receipt of NGN5000 for ACCESS Tag all submitted to the state coordinating office
After submission of acceptance letter/payment receipt, Pick up your access tag at the coordinating office and attend the two weeks hands-on practical vocational training
Excellent class engagement and assessment qualifies beneficiaries to be selected for the Zonal Bootcamp in STAGE 3
Bootcamp Qualified Beneficiaries form a team to represent their different States at the Zonal bootcamp, to participate in the Grand finale/skill exhibition/pitching competition to win startup equipment prize

Who can participate?

  • PARTICIPANTS/BENEFICIARIES: Everyone that want to learn a skill APPLY NOW / LOGIN
  • MAIN PARTNER: Social, Youth Led, Developmental and Not for Profit Organizations
  • VOLUNTEERS/SUPPORTS: Other Skilled Individuals as volunteers or supports the projects such as Photographers, Graphic Designers, Social Media influencers, Aggregators, Media house, Bloggers, Mentor, Consultant, Guest Speakers and others APPLY NOW / LOGIN
  • SPONSORS: Civic/Developmental Organizations, Private/Public Incorporations, Ministry/Government agencies, NGO and others.SUBMIT SPONSORSHIP REQUEST
Download Skill Handbook

Our Focus

SkillupWeek Ng is an annual program that runs nationwide, framed within the broad content of ensuring collaborative effort from stakeholders to empower the next generation with sustainable vocational skills.
Trainees thereafter enrolls with trainers to undergo a period of internship/mentorship, get certified before securing funds, grants and startup kits to launch their innovative, business that will solve a specific problem within immediate community and nation.

Ensure you download the skills handbook and read through before registering